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U-2800 (1200CH)

PLL module locked loop design

UHF 1200 frequency spots with PLL digital lock automatic selection function

Blue LCD static display.

Built-in mute & audio locked loop design pressing disturbance.

Install with “BGS” filter avoiding interruption from other signal and noise.

Special Counter-interference circuit design, suitable for computer singing machines.

Super high dynamic double compressed diversity technology, high and low vocal

frequencyinput separately, perform excellent dynamic features.

MENU, UP, DOWN, SET etc are control function buttons

Offer balanced XLR & unbalanced TRS ¢6.3 mm output socket

Adjustable antenna, enhance receiving signal functions.


Wireless Receiver

Carrier Wave Frequency range       710MHz---865MHz

Frequency Oscillation Mode            PLL module locked loop design

Channels                                             1200CH

Frequency Responses                      50Hz---18KHz

Working distance                                300 feet

Frequency Space                               25KHz

Band Width                                             30MHz

Carrier Wave stability                             ±5PPm ≤ 10KHz

Image Interference Ratio                       >80dB

S/N Ratio                                                  >105dB(1KHz-A)

Sensitivity                                                -105dBm(12dB S/N AD)

T.H.D. (1KHz)                                          < 0.5%@1kHz

AF Output Impedance                       2.2kΩ

Audio Output Level                                -12dB

Mute                                                      Mute & locked loop circuit

Display                                                 LCD

Operations Voltage                                12-18v Dc, 600mA

Output Connector                               1 XLR Balanced Socket

                                                               Unbalance TRS6.3mm Socket

M-2800 Handheld Wireless

Carrier Wave Frequency range       710MHz---865MHz

Channels                                             1200CH

Band Width                                             30MHz

Frequency Space                               25KHz

Dynamic Range                                  >110dB

Stability                                                 ±0.005%

Frequency Deviation                         ±48KHz

Spurious Emissions                           <-60dBc

Radio Frequency Output Power      10mW

Power Consumed                              ≤100mA @ 3 V

Battery                                                  ″UM3, AAA 1.5×2 ″

Display                                                 LCD

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BBS U-2000

BBS U-2000



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